Message Of the Dean (FBA)

Welcome to the business revolutionary innovation space. It gives me great pleasure to extend a warm welcome to you at the Faculty of Business Administration.

The essential elements of the modern business environment are represented in our faculty. We are also home to a thriving and expanding community that provides a wide range of subject areas. Even though we have only been an independent faculty for a short while, we have a long history of providing Accounting, Finance, HRM, IT, Management, and Marketing programs. We take pride in always striving to provide a great learning environment which is our top priority. 

For extensive student interactions, we have facilities for industry visits and industry connectivity. The professionals and industry resources arrange seminars, workshops, and training for the benefit of the students. We also put a lot of focus on giving our students cutting-edge training in our main academic disciplines while also giving them the chance to specialize in other fields. This will enhance your chances of obtaining fulfilling employment as well as your abilities and understanding of your community. 

We are proud of our history and will continue to work for academic quality, significant teaching and research, and employability-driven outcomes as a dedicated seat of learning.  programs work to create the next generation of leaders and business-people in a setting where students may study, participate, and collaborate on developing answers for a complicated, fast-changing world. We are dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary study, teaching, and learning throughout the curriculum as a result. For example, utilizing the advancements in cloud teaching, we have worked hard to enhance your educational options and sense of community amid the worldwide epidemic. Our ongoing blended learning projects include this in full.

We will continue to strive to offer high-calibre, significant research that influences teaching, corporate involvement, and policy-making because we are committed to all facets of excellence, sustainability, equality, and diversity.

Please come along with us on this adventure.


(Mohammad Abul Kashem)

Dean (In-charge) & Associate Professor of Marketing

Faculty of Business Administration, Feni University