Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Institutional  Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Feni University was established on 25 March 2019.




To ensure the quality of higher education in Bangladesh, University Grant Commission (UGC) under the finance of World Bank has taken a scheme. That is to reinforce the quality of tertiary level education in both the public and the private universities. To implement the plan, the Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is formed at every university.


Current State of IQAC at Feni University

The IQAC has started its journey from 25 March 2019. Director of this cell  is Jasim Uddin Bhuiyan. Beside him, Mohammed Abul Kashem works as additional director. There are some other officers performing as co-worker in the cell. The structure of the IQAC is shown in the chart below:

                                                                                           Jasim Uddin Bhuiyan

                                                                                      Professor, EEE. Director,IQAC


                                                                                        Mohammed Abul Kashem

                                                                        Associate Professor, Marketing.Additional Director


                                                                                              Office Manager


                                                                                               Office Assistant


 Aims of IQAC

1. Control the self-assessment process in the university.

2. Maintain the internal quality of the institution.

3. Investigate the current policies and improve or renew them.

4. Making contact with the IQAC of external institutions.

5. Keep relationship with UGC and send report regularly.

6. Assure a quality teaching, learning, research etc.

7. Arrange annual internal meeting to judge the overall contexts.

8. Provide information to ensure the ranking, both national and international, of the university.



IQAC is necessary for the academic, administrative, and financial tasks. Quality is important in all these sectors of an institution. IQAC ensures the quality of the jobs of all sectors. Quality research and education is impossible without IQAC. Contamination and corruption in all the sectors of university is removed by the cell. Thus equity is also ensured in educational system. In case of emergency, this cell keeps role to make quick decisions. The ranking of the university is also dependent on IQAC. This cell is always active to behold and hearken the institutional conditions from its students and staffs and thus improve the overall quality of the university. In a nutshell, IQAC is an inextricable part of our university. The performance of the university depends much on its performance.