Message from the Chairman

English as a field of study carries a pivotal role especially in countries where it is not the mother tongue due to multiple factors. By and large, English education is designed in almost all countries to prepare students planning to develop career .The The Department of English of Feni University, is one of the leading departments in Feni University which is under the Faculty of Arts offers this English education to students wishing to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies in English. It is one of the earliest departments of Feni University. It began its journey in 2012 and now has 04 full-time faculty members. Sometimes the department hires some adjunct faculty from different remarkable public universities to meet up the demand of the students. Since 2012 the Department has been offering courses for a four-year B. A. Honors degree in English which is divided into twelve semesters. At the M. A. level the students can choose either one year M.A or Two year M.A. Students shall have to complete the one year masters in not more than 2 (two) and the 2-year MA in not more than 3 ( Three) academic years. These programs give students an opportunity to know and appreciate the science of language as well as the literary works of English and to develop literary and linguistic aptitudes of their own.

Apart from developing career in teaching English ,it will also help the learners prepare themselves for better jobs in any other occupation. The Department fosters the imaginative, observational, analytical and communicative skills of its students through its two major streams: Literature, Applied Linguistics & ELT. Unlike many other universities it does not practice to teach this two streams separately rather together by making a good balance between Language and Literature which seems to be the most attractive parts of the curriculum followed by the Department of English.
The Literature concentration introduces students to a wide variety of English writing from different historical periods and regions and aims to inculcate a strong analytical orientation, encouraging students to contextualize literary works in relation to their historical and cultural realities. Throughout Literature students get exposed to a wide variety of subjects like post colonialism, feminism, postmodernism and the many dimensions of contemporary literature A critical and analytical focus is encouraged through interactions with theoretical materials and writing exercises. They represent, on the one hand, a broad sampling of British, American, and world literature written in English.

The Applied Linguistics and ELT concentration offers an understanding and analysis of language both as an acquired skill and a socio-cultural phenomenon, introducing students to different theories of language and their application in real life for English language teaching and beyond. It provides the opportunity to learn the use and evaluation of current classroom techniques for the teaching of English As the syllabus, both in graduate and post graduate levels focus both Language and Literature equally so it may help the learners to develop their knowledge amply. The undergraduate students excel in their final year, when they have to write a dissertation in a relevant topic This exercise helps them to gain confidence and focus on the application of the knowledge as well.
The department is committed to providing state-of-the-art facilities to its students and faculty members. It has some well decorated classroom with audio visual aids and a huge collection of books to a well-stocked library. Extensive reading and writing, along with discussion and presentation skills are required in virtually all the courses offered by the department. The expectation is that English majors will learn to turn to research, apply critical thinking and express themselves in a clear and interesting style. The focus on critical reading and analytic reasoning and lucid writing is central to the mission of the department.

Students are encouraged to take part in departmental seminars, debates and featuring speakers from within and outside the university. The department plays a key role in the Debating Club, the Language Club. These clubs organize a full-range of co-academic and social events throughout the year. One of the major strengths of the Department of English is its faculty. The department includes faculty members who have a broad range of professional competence in literature and language, and who are trained to teach courses in language study, linguistics, translation, world cultures, world literature and teaching English as a foreign language. The fact that many of our faculty members have higher educational background from various renowned universities certainly is a measure of the quality, variety and reputation of the department. In addition, during National seminar faculty members, and sometimes speakers from home and abroad, present their papers and engage in meaningful academic discussions in the presence of colleagues and senior students which help them to enhance their professional skills.


(Bushra Jesmin Trisha)

Assistant Professor & Chairman

Mobile: 01772602362