Office of the Student Adviser

Student Adviser office is one of the key wings of Feni University which oversights the issues and resources related to the welfare of the students. Student Adviser office listens to students regarding their curricular and co-curricular activities. Guiding the students towards their career pathway, counseling them on particular problems regarding the academic, sometime, personal or familial matters are also included in the activities of this office.

The office of Student Adviser is the bridging agent in building a great campus life for the students. It is the place for all students to have their say.

The regular activities of the office of Student Adviser include:

To maintain liaison with Hon’ble Vice-chancellor on the issues of students interest

 - To have the students’ say regarding the various issues of their interest

 - To oversee different student organizations

 - To advise student clubs for improving their organizations and activities

 - To encourage student participation in university and club events

 - To bridge between students and the faculty/university management whenever required

 - To provide individual or group counseling on non-academic and social activities

 - To help students to develop coherent values and ethical standards

 - To help developing high quality, responsive and flexible student learning environment

 - To channelize the students to the proper office according to their needs

 - To maintain liaison and collaboration with the external organizations regarding participation in national and international competitions, student exchange programs etc.



Md. Abdullah Al Younus

Assistant Professor, Department of English & Student Adviser

BA (Hon's) in English Language & Literature 

MA in English,Cumilla University.

Mobile: 01711-076318