Message of the Treasurer

Every day the world’s environment is becoming unconventional and unusual due to the accumulated paces in technological changes, cultural diversities, political unrest, and governmentalphilosophies and so on whereas education is the only weapon, a country or a nation can depend on to move ahead with success in the upcoming days. To spread this education in this knowledge-based era,Feni University is contributing immensely to the socio-economic development process in Bangladesh through its quality teaching and research activities. Established in 2012,the University provides high-quality education, equipping students with the insight to address both local and global challenges. Within a short period of its existence, this University has achieved remarkable success and has gained renown as one of the best universities in the Noyakhali region.

Being able to offer quality higher education throughout the country is a rare commodity. We are interested in ensuring such kind of technology based education which will help the students to develop their career along with their responsibility to serve for the country.In our mission to install technology awareness, Feni University stands as a center of excellence that is able to develop confident leaders, independent thinkers and qualified nation builder. This website is an attempt of Feni University to step forward towards technology-based education which will provide information for prospective and enrolled students of Feni University that assist them in becoming an active participant in the Feni University family. This website is simply an official document of our mission and vision in detail. The website shares information and instructs policies to those who wish to start his/her journey of higher education with Feni University which is priceless for the society.

As the treasurer of Feni University, it is a pleasure to illustratethemission, vision, guidelines towards the students on behalf of Feni heartfelt thanks to all faculty members and administrative staff here at FU for their dedication towards our vision. It is an incredible honor for me to serve this institution. We are committed delivering high quality education and working towards further improvements. I request you all to continue keeping trust in us & help us in building future leaders for the nation who are knowledgeable, informed, committed, capable and patriotic.

Thank you.


(Prof. Taibul Hoque)

Treasurer, Feni University