Brief History

Feni has long been a socially and culturally developed region in the country. Many noted educationists and cultural personalities were born in this soil. Feni was a subdivision of the greater Noakhali district. In 1984 it was separated as a district. The present population of the district is 1,437,371 with the literacy rate standing at 54.27%. According to Bangladesh Bank Feni stands second in the nation in terms of GNI and possession of wealth; the main source of income of the people of the district though is agriculture, other than the incomes coming from commerce and service sectors, the income coming from rents and remittance stands at about 12% which is higher in comparison to remittance income in many other districts of the country. 
There are about 50 colleges in the Feni district.  The annual turnover of students seeking for admission in tertiary level education in the area is high; the demand of admission to higher education institution cannot be met with the only two public universities in Nokhali and Comilla and 3 Hons level colleges, 12 degree level colleges under National University and 2 kamil level madrashas. 
Establishment of a further public university in Feni could have been a means to meet the demand of higher education in the area; however, after having been established a public university in Noakhali, pressing home for demand of a public university in Feni would not have found prospects and there raised the logic for opening up of private university in Feni. The idea of delivering higher education through a private university in Feni region at an affordable cost was first mooted by a group of prominent educational enthusiasts, business elites and professionals of Feni district led by honorable one Mr. Abdus Sattar, a reputed philanthropist. With this end in view, the group later formed a non-political charitable organization named Feni University Foundation. Afterword, a Trust had been registered in the name ‘Feni University Trust’ under The Trust Act of the Government. The inception of the University was based on a project initiated in December 09, 2010 following an informal meeting of the group. Later on formal contacts were made with the UGC and Ministry of Education (MoE), and consequently the university was formally approved by the Government in November 2012, under the Private University Act, 2010. FU is guided by a competent Board of Trustees who are highly qualified and well placed in their respective professions