Department of Civil Engineering

Message from the Chairman

Welcome to the website of Feni University's Department of Civil Engineering (CE). Selecting the right academic program at the tertiary level is an important step in your life and career development. We offer you a high-quality engineering degree as well as a memorable opportunity to combine engineering with the life you have always desired. With basic civil engineering knowledge, experienced academic counseling, high qualities faculties, creative learning, and a commitment to career progression, our engineering program will prepare you for success.

FU has been exceedingly selective in its hiring of faculty members from its inception. They mentor and assist our students in becoming professional civil engineers by collecting relevant knowledge and practical experience, attending technical seminars and conferences, and practicing leadership. To ensure the public and private investments meet both our short- and long-term needs, we must cultivate a sustainable attitude, creative project management practices, and technologies that will shape our future built environment. Civil engineers plan, design, and supervise the construction of high-rise structures, airports, roadways, water treatment plants, and sanitation plants. They strike a balance between societal needs and technical and economic feasibility. Civil engineers at FU strive for safe and sustainable growth. The Civil Engineering program has become the modern version in the academic arena by keeping up with the growing concerns over sustainability and environmental issues in the present world.

Our Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (CE) program is accredited by the University Grant Commission (UGC). The program strictly follows the guidelines given by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) of USA as well as by the Board of Accreditation of Engineering and Technical Education (BAETE) of Bangladesh. Many of the graduates are working in government and private organizations around Country. Many graduates are also working in abroad. Some graduates are pursuing masters and doctoral degrees in Bangladesh and overseas.

Our curriculum committee is constantly working with the external industry and academic experts on keeping the curriculum updated. FU has a good number of laboratories such as Physics, Chemistry, CAD lab, computing facilities etc. FU has generously allocated necessary resources to establish international standard Civil Engineering laboratory facilities with most up-to-date, sophisticated, and best quality instruments.

Bangladesh is anticipated to commence on massive infrastructure projects in the recent century, such as elevated expressways, flyovers, metro-rail, subway, bus rapid transits, airports, railway service extension, deep-sea port, barrages, and so on. Civil engineering graduates will be needed for all of these projects. Furthermore, there is an expanding job market for civil engineers abroad. Civil engineering graduates have traditionally occupied the majority of engineering jobs in the public sector in the country. As a result, an FU civil engineering graduate will have a promising future both in Bangladesh and overseas.

I would like to thank you for visiting our website on behalf of the Department of Civil Engineering. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our departmental office.


Md. Ali Akbar

Assistant Professor and Chairman

Department of Civil Engineering