Vision & Mission

Vision of the University

This future top-tier University envisions the distinctive exhibition of erudite schooling and creditable research fostering conrete ingenuity, persistent scholastic novelty, self-subsistent entrepreneurship and advanced interconnectivity for regional and global socio-economic advancement to combat the challenges of sustainability in the 4IR era. 


Mission of the University

Mission-1 Cultivating competent citizens for national capabilities and socioeconomic growth through access to state-of-the-art education and research in diverse fields.

Mission-2 Generating skilled, technologically advanced, morally and ethically sound intellectual leaders and skilled professionals to contribute to national and global prosperity.

Mission-3 Creating opportunities for collaborative research activities to expand offers of public service and to establish lasting ties with academic institutions, commercial enterprises, and stakeholders.

Mission-4 Fostering knowledge-sharing campus life among students, faculty, staff, and visiting scholars for the greater good.

  • Motto and Values of FU


"Knowledge in Practice."


i) Respect

With mutual respect, we are moved to honour the various identities that make up our vibrant society.

ii) Excellence

Excellence requires us to make use of our natural abilities, which include our minds, bodies, spirits, and consciences.

iii) Dedication

Our dedication shows in our one-of-a-kind work ethic and our relentless pursuit of excellence.

iv) Compassion

Our capacity for compassion stands in solidarity with the oppressed and comforts the afflicted.

   v) Service

 Being of service necessitates that we must employ our knowledge and skills to use in order to better the lives of those around us and further afield.

  vi) Hospitality

The spirit of hospitality motivates us to approach our daily tasks with grace, ingenuity, and curiosity, and to welcome people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

   vii) Integrity

Integrity empowers us to act for the greater good.

viii) Diversity

Diversity encourages openness and acceptance of different people and communities as well as their ideas   and points of view, promoting productive conversation.

ix) Collaboration

Collaboration reflects how committed we are to our multidisciplinary approach and strategy, which focuses on both internal and external partnerships and our ability to create new areas of inquiry.

x) Creativity

Our creativity shines through our receptivity to different points of view and modes of expression, insatiable appetite for learning, taste for adventure; and a willingness to take calculated risks.

   xi) Learning for Life

 Lifelong learning encourages us to look for truth and knowledge to make ourselves and our communities better.