Student Facilities



A candidate shall attain studentship of the Feni University on admission to a program as per rules. S/he will be required to be registered with the University through such processes and on payment of such fees as determined by the University.


A student shall never take admission in more than one subject other than certificate or diploma courses. If it is so reported/found, his/her studentship and examinations, if appeared, shall be immediately cancelled.


Credit Transfer


A student may transfer his/her credits from an educational institution/university with a system similar to Feni University after his/ her admission. Such candidates will have to apply to Registrar of Feni University through the Head of the department with required documents. 


Extra Curricular Activities


1.  4s of student clubs and societies to choose from.

2.  Best for good extra-curricular activities/societies.

3.  20+ sports with opportunities to get involved at any level.


Tailored teaching, specialised facilities and learning from the world’s leading academics are what make FU a spectacular institution at  which to be an undergraduate.


Not only is the teaching excellent, but with hundreds of student societies, world class sports, debating, performances, art  and more, this vibrant city is bursting with opportunities.


FU is here to ensure that the student experience is as fulfilling as possible and that you have access to the resources and information needed to make the most of your time here. As officers elected by you, we represent your interests on committees, offer essential professional services, and provide welfare support and training. 


Students are always welcome to all the offices for a chat with the Sabbatical Officer Team – tell us how you want to shape the University and we’ll help you to do it.FU Team wishes you all the best in your application.





Feni University