1. National Seminar 
The dapartment organize various workshop and seminars to enrich the students knowledge and motivate them to develop and upgrade themselves with rapid technological advancement of engineering fields .Scholars and reknowned professional engineers like Architect Mobassar Hossain ( Former president of many international Architect associations),  Professor Dr. Jahir Bin Alam (reknowned scholar of transportation and getechnical engineering) , Engineer Arifuddin Ahmed  ( consultant of many international construction projects) and many other scholars visited the department and expressed satisfaction about the capacity and quality of the department.
2. Industrial Tour :
The department simultanously organize industrial tour for the students to make them acknowledged with engineering  materials production and quality control systems.
3. Technical Workshops 
Technical workshops are very necessary to develop the students perspective and their approach before they go for or higher study . The department organize various technical and professional workshops for the students  frequently .